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Winter is finally here in Traverse City, and with it comes a variety of exciting activities and events for you to enjoy. Take a look at what kinds of Traverse City winter activities are waiting for you:

Hit the Slopes

One of the top winter draws in the area for winter guests is our incredible winter sports. Traverse City is located near Crystal Mountain, where you can enjoy a variety of slopes that are perfect for skiers and snowboarders alike. Shanty Creek Resort also offers additional trails to hit up for even more fun and excitement. Take a look into introductory lessons if you have never experienced skiing or snowboarding before.

Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

Another exciting winter activity is cross country skiing, not to be confused with traditional skiing. Instead, cross country skiing is an exciting way to traverse winter conditions in the area. Think of it as hiking but on top of a pair of smaller skis that make it easier to get around! Popular locations in the area that are frequently enjoyed for cross country skiing include the Leelanau Trail, Betsie River Pathway, and Grass River Natural Area. Snowshoeing is a similar winter activity where winter snowshoes help you traverse the winter tundra. Great areas for snowshoeing include the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park and Pelizzari Natural Area.

Visit a Lighthouse

Traverse City is home to a variety of lighthouses that have been operating for decades. These local attractions are usually busy during the summer season. Take advantage of the slower travel season by exploring local favorite lighthouses such as the Grand Traverse Lighthouse and Mission Point Lighthouse. Keep in mind that these lighthouses may be operating on limited hours for the winter season.

Hit the Local Winery or Brewery

One great way to stay warm during the winter is by visiting one of Traverse City’s local wineries, breweries, or distilleries. These establishments make small batch adult beverages and feature unique outdoor seating such as yurts and igloos to keep you warm during your stay. Explore them all with an exciting liberations tour available in Traverse City!

 Get Ready for Traverse City Winter Activities

The winter season is finally here, so make sure you are ready by reserving one of our exclusive vacation rentals in Traverse City. Enjoy resort-like amenities while having an entire property to yourself when you choose our rentals. Contact us today to book your rental and to learn more about Traverse City winter activities!

There is no time like the present to start planning ahead for 2021. This year has been tough for many, so it makes it even more fitting to celebrate the upcoming New Year’s in a beautiful destination such as Traverse City. Our vacation destination is the perfect location to spend the New Year’s with festive events and enjoyable activities. Take a look at what New Year’s in Traverse City will look like this year:

Traverse City New Year’s Eve CherryT Ball Drop

No New Year’s celebration is complete without a ball drop event to signal in the new year. Traverse City celebrates a unique ball drop event with a cherry-shaped orb. The Traverse City New Year’s Eve CherryT Ball Drop is a must see every year and is scheduled to not break traditions this year. An amazing street party is held in downtown where you can find live music and entertainment. A dazzling fireworks display will light up the sky if weather permits it. This New Year’s Eve CherryT Ball Drop will take place from 10:00 PM to 12:20 AM in downtown on New Year’s Eve; a $3 donation per person is asked at entry to help support this incredible event.

Enjoy Some Winter Sports

Another great way to spend your time in Traverse City around New Year’s Eve is by enjoying Crystal Mountain. This local peak features a variety of ski slopes that are perfect for riders of all levels. The powder is typically at its best around this time of year, letting you get in some of the best skiing you have ever experienced.

Stay Warm with Some Adult Craft Beverages

Traverse City features a variety of craft micro distilleries that produce all of your favorite spirits here in the area. Grand Traverse Distillery continues to be a local favorite that produces a regular selection of spirits along with seasonal favorites. Purchase a bottle in their taproom and take it back to your vacation rental. Sit back with your holiday beverage in front of amenities that can include a fireplace or fire pit.

More to Enjoy During New Year’s in Traverse City

These are just a few of the many ways to enjoy your New Year’s Eve excursion to Traverse City. Our vacation rentals feature an abundance of amenities and home features that will have you relaxing in no time. Reserve your vacation rental with us today and see all the excitement that awaits you in Traverse City.

This year has certainly been a long one, but here we are just weeks away from another Thanksgiving holiday. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to an amazing vacation getaway to Traverse City. While your vacation may not include the large celebrations as usual, you can still have a memorable time here with us. Here are a few ways to enjoy Thanksgiving 2020 getaway to Traverse City:

Thanksgiving Feast in Our Vacation Rentals

We all know that the most important part of any Thanksgiving holiday is celebrating with loved ones around a big feast. You can cook yourself up a holiday feast worthy of the holiday from the comfort of our vacation rentals. Each property features a spacious floor plan so you can have plenty of room to maneuver in the kitchen. Utensils, pots and pans, and everything else you need to cook are included. That even goes for the appliances; you will have plenty of room in the oven to bake up a turkey. Last but certainly not least is having space in the dining room. Our rentals feature tables big enough for the family to relax and enjoy your delicious feast.

Additional Amenities to Enjoy

Our rentals available this holiday season also feature more amenities than just what is available in the kitchen. You will find all the necessary linens and towels stocked. Flat screen TVs and complimentary Wi-Fi access allow you to stay connected to your favorite shows even while on vacation. Each rental is thoroughly cleaned ensuring your safety prior to arrival.

Local Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving

Not everyone wants to spend the holiday hours in front of the oven. When you vacation to Traverse City for Thanksgiving, you will find plenty of restaurants offering curbside pickup orders for Thanksgiving entrees and other items. Place an order at Reflect Bistro where their annual Thanksgiving buffet can be packaged to go, or swing by Grand Traverse Pie Company for the perfect savory treat that completes your Thanksgiving feast.

Enjoy More in Traverse City This Thanksgiving

As you can see, you will find plenty of comfort waiting for you in our Traverse City vacation rentals. Get ready for the holiday season by reserving your vacation rental with us today. Come see how you can safely enjoy the holidays away from home with us.

This year has been crazy for everyone, but especially the children, as many continue to attend school over online instruction. While we may still be dealing with the effects of COVID-19, we are finally finding some stability. Take advantage of a slower travel season and plan a getaway to Traverse City. With children attending school virtually you will not have a break in instruction. Continue to attend school while having some fun on the side with an education journey to Traverse City.

Dennos Museum Center

One of the best ways to get your kids out of the house while still learning is by taking them to the local museums. Traverse City is home to the Dennos Musuem Center, an interactive and hands-on museum that is great for learning. Beautiful art is on display including the record floor work, animal statues, and much more. Due to COVID-19 some exhibits may be closed during your visit but many more are opening up every week. Kids will still be able to interact with the hands-on exhibits that show many historical events from the area and more. The Dennos Museum Center is open for limited hours daily from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM and can be found at 1410 College Dr.

The Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park

Another great way for children to learn is by taking them outside and enjoying the beautiful flora found in Traverse City. A visit to the Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park will show you the incredible display on plant life exclusive to the region. Show the kids how different areas produce different plants depending on the region and weather. The park is 25 acres in size, giving you plenty of space to roam on your own. The Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park even features guided tours, workshops, and a visitor center. Many locals even use the facility as a beautiful wedding venue. Enjoy your trip to the Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM Tuesday through Saturday at 1490 Red Drive.

More Learning and Fun On Your Journey to Traverse City

As you can see, Traverse City has plenty of attractions that offer more than just your typical vacation shenanigans. Book your vacation rental today so you can have complimentary Wi-Fi for your kids’ distance learning and be within a short drive of these educational attractions.

Natural attractions may not be the initial thought when visiting the lively Traverse City, but you can expect plenty of things to see. Take a look at some of our favorite natural Traverse City attractions:

Grand Traverse Bay

When it comes to the first sight you see when visiting Traverse City, it will always be Grand Traverse Bay. The city is situated right on the shore, giving you daily views of the bay. Many locals and visitors alike claim Grand Traverse Bay is a peaceful and immersive body of water. Grand Traverse Bay itself is a smaller leg of Lake Michigan, one of the world’s biggest lakes. It is reported that the shades of the water change with the light, giving off a beautiful array of colors. Jump into the water and splash around or warm up by laying on the shore. Either way, a visit to Grand Traverse Bay is highly recommended during your stay.

Traverse City Attractions at Interlochen State Park

On the other side of Traverse City is Interlochen State Park, one of the best of Michigan’s state parks. You can access this park approximately 15 miles outside of the city. Many locals and visitors make the short trek to enjoy fishing at Green Lake and Duck Lake. Fish that can be reeled up in the lakes include bass, blue gill, and pike during the summer, and pike and smelt during the winter. If fishing is not quite your activity of choice, you can also enjoy kayaking and canoeing. The park was initially established to allow future generations of pinus strobus, a local pine tree variety, room to settle in the area. While some local wildlife will show themselves, it is often uncommon as the park is frequently visited. Children can enjoy summer programs that will help them learn more about this fascinating area. A visit to Interlochen State Park is always highly recommended. Call ahead to check how many people are currently at the park or reserve a kayak rental by calling 231-276-9511.

Enjoy Your Stay in Traverse City

As you can see, there are plenty of natural attractions found around Traverse City. Our vacation rentals will keep you comfortable throughout your stay as well as keeping you close to these attractions. Call today and see which vacation rental we currently have available for your stay in and around Traverse City.

While many visitors know Traverse City as an incredible vacation destination, they may not be aware of the long history of the area. Traverse City has exciting historical sites and activities that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. Experience these attractions to have a blast and get to know Traverse City a little better. Here is how you can have the best historical journey to Traverse City:

Understand the Area

Before you set out and enjoy the incredible Traverse City attractions, you may wish to find out all you can about the area. The landscape of Traverse City was formed thousands of years ago from ancient glaciers that left behind the dramatic hills and crystal blue lakes that you see today. Over generations, Traverse City has seen a variety of occupants, from Native Americans and missionaries to mariners and fishermen. Many historic homes are still around the city. Additional historic sites include quiet lighthouses that used to light the way for fishermen and mission churches that brought together congregations.

Lighthouse Exploration

If you are a fan of historical lighthouses, you will absolutely love your visit to Traverse City. Here is a little-known fact: The state of Michigan has the most lighthouses of any state in the country! Traverse City itself has five different lighthouses—Mission Point, South Manitou, Grand Traverse, Point Betsie, and North Manitou—with most of them remaining open for visitors to tour. Each lighthouse has its own schedule and cost of admission but expect entry to be a few dollars per person. Take a tour up each lighthouse and take some incredible pictures. Exhibits and onsite gift shops are another great way to support the work needed to keep these historic lighthouses in operation. Most lighthouses will close down for the winter and early spring seasons.

Traverse City Attractions in the The Village

Just a few blocks away from downtown Traverse City, you will find a collection of unique shops and restaurants in a cluster of historic castle-shaped buildings. This area is known as the Village at Grand Traverse Commons and is home to one of the biggest restoration projects in the US. Decades ago, this property was known as the Traverse City State Hospital and took care of thousands of patients. The hospital has been closed for quite some time now and in its place is an elegant shopping center. History buffs will love the underground tour of the hospital’s tunnels and take a walk around the property grounds. Anyone can lose hours visiting the Village of Grand Traverse Commons by checking out each shop. Each shop and restaurant have their own hours of operation, so make sure to call ahead if you believe something will be closed!

Explore the Big Schooners

Since Traverse City is located on the lakes, you can expect that sailing played an important part in its history. Fishermen and charter captains have utilized big schooners to navigate the Great Lakes and continue to do so. These large sailing vessels can be found just off the coast of Traverse City and be enjoyed. Grand Traverse Bay has more ships than any other port in all of Michigan. While some of the older vessels might be off limits for tours at this time you can still sail on the new schooners. Exciting cruises can be booked where you enjoy Grand Traverse Bay while enjoying a fine meal and drinks on the deck. Dockside tours are also available giving you a great view of the lake. Charters such as Traverse Tall Ship Company will have you feeling like you were in the 1800s and exploring the lake!

Tour Old Mission Homes

Traverse City is also home to many former mission homes such as inns. Many of these homes, including the Dougherty Old Mission House, continue to allow tours. You can see how local innkeepers served Traverse City back in the 1800s when the population was increasing. The Old Mission Inn might continue to operate for guests but is now more famous for its onsite historical museum that was built in 1869. For a collection of historical artifacts, look no further than the Benzie Area Historical Society & Museum. This local museum has preserved memorabilia relating to Traverse City and its rich history. Tours of these historical sites may currently be affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

More to See and Do in Traverse City

As you can see, Traverse City has so much to offer for your next historical journey to the area. To prepare, reserve one of our comfortable vacation rentals in the area. You will have all the finest amenities while being just steps away from these many historical attractions. Contact us today and get ready for a Traverse City getaway in your near future!

There’s something wonderfully appealing about the transition of the seasons as summer fades to fall and leaves begin to show their vibrant colors. The lush landscape, lakeside fun and scenic beauty of Traverse City, Michigan makes it an ideal destination for the traveler looking to enjoy some well-earned time away from the daily routine, savoring the sights of the season. When you’re ready to pack your bags and put the finishing touches on the itinerary, be sure to add these ideas to make the most of a fun fall getaway to Traverse City.

Enjoy Hull Park

Situated at 660 Hannah Street, Hull Park is a great place to settle in for a day of outdoor fun when your travels bring you to Traverse City in the fall. Whether you’re traveling with children and are looking for a place where they can run off excess energy or can’t wait to enjoy a waterside picnic, this park promises to be a great place to do it all. Complete with pavilions, boat launch, amphitheater, and picnic facilities, this park sits on Boardman Lake and offers up great views of both the water and surrounding trees that are worth noting when the fall colors are in full bloom.

Explore the Arcadia Dunes This Getaway to Traverse City

Forests, dunes, and waterfront landscapes are visitors for the savoring and exploring when they set their fall travel sights on Arcadia Dunes. Integrated into the greater C.S. Mott Nature Preserve, this area is saturated with a maze of trails for day use that sprawl across more than 15 miles of land. Both hiking and birding are extremely popular fall activities in this area and a day spent in this destination can be customized to fit guest skill levels as needed.

Bike Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is a fantastic locale to explore in the fall but for those that are hoping to enjoy it from the vantage point of two wheels, the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail is the exclusive option. Stretching between Bohemian and Empire Roads, this bike trail provides 20 miles of paved pathway to enjoy winding through one of Traverse City’s most prized natural landmarks.

Savor the Stay

When you’re ready to experience the fun and beauty of Traverse City for yourself, True North is your expert adviser on all things local vacation rentals. Be sure to reach out today to learn more about our ever-growing portfolio of properties and to begin turning those plans into a travel reality!

Resilience and strength of character are often revealed in those moments in life when we are faced with the unexpected. It’s fair to say that in 2020, the world has faced its fair share of unexpected circumstances. Perhaps one of the most evident struggles for many across the country and globe has been the abrupt need to move work life from traditional offices to remote work environments. Many have faced the challenge of trying to turn kitchens, closets, and bedrooms into makeshift workspaces while managing family life, online schooling, and overall mental health balance with some degree of grace intact.

It certainly hasn’t been easy to find a sense of routine within a year that’s been anything but normal. That being said, as with any challenge, it’s still possible to find the good within the chaos. At True North, we believe there’s still plenty to look forward to this year, especially when you plan a Traverse City vacation.

In place of a stressful home environment where work and life are colliding constantly, why not consider hitting the road and making your way to sunnier destinations while taking your work with you? Yes, working remotely is certainly different than working in an office, but it also comes with the flexibility to travel while still meeting deadlines. If you’re in need of a new perspective, view, and options for fun—make your way to Traverse City, Michigan, and book into a property where you can work and play with the help of the team at True North.

Let Go of Stress and Enjoy the Experience

Your home can remain your home when you book into a vacation rental with True North in Traverse City. This lakeside destination offers up much in the way of scenic wonder and outdoor fun while our properties provide the place to get work done and enjoy time with family. Take advantage of wi-fi and high-speed internet connections when you’re putting the finishing touches on a work project. Settle into an in-home office space and stream video calls on large flat-screen televisions while taking in great views out large windows. When you’re in the mood for a well-deserved break, our properties feature fantastic and tasteful furnishings to settle into as well as fully equipped kitchens complete with modern appliances. Bright, airy, and welcoming, our properties can be selected to fit your space and style needs with options to add luxurious extras to indulge in too!

Take Time to Explore During Your Traverse City Vacation

When work is done for the day, the options to get out and explore your scenic surroundings beckon. Make the most of the time on the water or with your toes dug into the sand for some extra relaxing moments. If you’re in town with the little ones, a trip to Clinch Park is in order while a stroll along East Front Street is sure to inspire. From museums and shops to hiking, biking, and exploring your way through nature, Traverse City is a place where you can indulge your vacation expectations while feeling good about being productive professionally as well!

Travel to Traverse City

Enjoy every moment of your work and play getaway to Traverse City and let the team at True North help handle the details of your accommodations while you’re here. Contact us today to learn more and to start planning your Traverse City vacation!

Traverse City, Michigan is an all-seasons vacation destination and there’s no exception to the rule for travelers looking for a fantastic place to enjoy over Labor Day this year. When you can’t wait to get out of town and leave the responsibilities of daily life far behind in the name of fun, Traverse City is a destination that offers up much in the way of outdoor adventure. Connect with nature, rejuvenate the mind and body and savor the scenery of this lakeside locale when you make Traverse City your ultimate Labor Day destination. When you’re working on expanding just the right itinerary, here are a few options to be sure to add for Labor Day in Traverse City.

Biking Through and Around Traverse City

While a walk through downtown Traverse City is always an inspiring choice, those that are looking to get off the beaten path and take in the sights in style will want to make time to explore on two wheels while they’re in town. Whether you’re one for mountain biking adventures, catching the vibe of a new destination by cruiser, or can’t wait to take a tandem ride with the one you love most, Traverse City is a perfect place to enjoy it all. Taking the routes along Old Mission Penninsula is a particularly inviting option for those that value landscapes dotted with vineyards while those in the mood to savor countryside views will want to make Leelanau their primary point of interest.

Find Time to Fish This Labor Day in Traverse City

For Labor Day adventurers to Traverse City with a craving for time on the water casting a line, there’s no place better than Grand Traverse Bay. Jump into your boat, kayak or canoe and make the most of time on the waves waiting for something big to bite. This body of water is known for housing species that range from trout and king salmon to yellow perch. While solo time on the water is a good option for those looking to savor some tranquility, there are also plenty of local options for booking private fishing charters when you’re more in the mood for guided instruction.

Bryant Park Beach

If you just can’t imagine a Labor Day getaway to Traverse City without ample time set aside to dig your toes into the sand, head over to Bryan Park Beach and savor time soaking up the sun in style. This sensational stretch of sand also includes access to a playground if you’re traveling with little ones and is well suited for a waterside picnic as well.

Book Your Traverse City Stay

Whether you’re in town for Labor Day or venturing this way any other time of year, the team at True North is ready to help you settle into just the right vacation rental while you’re visiting. Contact us today to learn more about our ever-growing portfolio of area properties and to begin turning travel plans into a reality.

If you are looking around for a restaurant that feature delicious food during your stay in Traverse City, look no further an Apache Trout Grill. This local favorite has been around since Mike Connors first opened the restaurant in 1994. While ownership has changed since then, the dedication to delicious food and a relaxing atmosphere has stayed the same. Apache Trout Grill is a popular community gathering place and features a breathtaking waterfront view. You will get a stunning view of the Grand Traverse Bay while enjoying customer favorites like fresh seafood and steaks made to order.

Menu for Any Time of the Day

While some restaurants only serve during dinner hours, Apache Trout Grill is open for the majority of each day. Lunch and dinner can be started with a mouthwatering appetizer like the western BBQ shrimp or seared ahi tuna. Sandwiches can be enjoyed during lunch hours with customer favorites like the panko crusted whitefish sandwich, pecan crusted chicken, or classic tuna club. Apache Trout Grill features an award-winning loaded mac & cheese for lunch and dinner which comes stacked with five different cheeses, grilled chicken, bacon, breadcrumbs, and a variety of veggies.

Of course, your meal at Apache Trout Grill would not be complete without trying out their famous BBQ platters. Try out the slow cooked BBQ ribs, bourbon BBQ beef short ribs, and bacon wrapped shrimp. The seafood on the menu includes whitefish, walleye, salmon, rainbow trout, halibut, lobster, and scallops—basically anything enjoyable that can be found locally! For those looking to stay away from meat, you can order a delicious salad featuring fresh veggies and greens.

Brunch Done Right

Enjoy Sunday brunch at Apache Trout Grill with an all-you-can-eat menu. You will have access to the crepe station and hand-carved prime rib. Of course, you can pair your food with your favorite adult beverage to make it a true brunch!

Finding Apache Trout Grill

You can enjoy lunch, dinner, or brunch at Apache Trout Grill found at 13671 S. West Bayshore Drive. Call 231-947-7079 with any questions or to reserve a table during brunch.

More to See in Traverse City

Get ready for an incredible experience in Traverse City when you book a vacation rental through True North Properties. Our reservation specialists can help you find the perfect home to experience the best of Traverse City, Michigan—give us a call today!