When looking for vacation rentals that are perfect for everyone in the family look no further than our own selection right here in Traverse City. Our vacation destination features plenty for you to enjoy during your next family getaway to Traverse City. But the most important part of your planning is making sure you have the proper housing for everyone. Take a look at some of our family-friendly features in our Traverse City rentals:

Various Property Sizes

Your family can come in any number of individuals that are coming with you on your vacation. Our Traverse City vacation rentals can comfortably sleep up to 13 guests all under one roof. All of our rentals will indicate the appropriate number of guests they can fit, allowing you to plan in advance. Multiple bedrooms allow everyone to have plenty of space whenever you are not out adventuring across Traverse City.

Several Bathrooms

Another important aspect of having enough room for everyone is ensuring there are plenty of bathrooms. We have all experienced a giant line at the bathroom door as someone is using up all of the hot water in the shower. Prevent this from happening by reserving one of our rentals that offers several bathrooms. Everyone can get ready at once before you head out on more adventures here in the city.

Spacious Backyards and Patios

Spend time in the great outdoors and our lovely summer temperatures in our spacious backyards. Full-size home rentals offer plenty of room for the little ones to run around; some homes are even pet-friendly, allowing you to bring your canine companion. Make the most of your summer shenanigans by grilling up on the BBQ. Summer loving cannot come soon enough!

Close to Traverse City Attractions

Best of all, our family-friendly rentals are just a short drive away from all of the exciting activities in Traverse City. That’s right, a variety of city parks, children’s museums, and clean beaches can be just minutes away when you choose our rentals here in Traverse City.

Time to Book

As you can see, our vacation rentals in Traverse City are ready for you and the entire family. Browse our listings to find the perfect match for you and your loved ones during your family getaway to Traverse City. Once you are ready simply contact our team to have you prepared for the best possible trip to Traverse City.