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Front Street in Traverse City

With its prime location on the water, sandy shorelines and many hiking trails waiting for outdoor adventurers to come and enjoy, a trip to Traverse City is often a highlight for those that love to spend time communing with nature. Between the cherry blossoms and inviting landscape filled with fantastic wildlife, Traverse City has a way of framing some of nature’s finest work for visitors from near and far. However, this vacation destination is just as suited for those travelers with a passion for city-centered fun and excitement. If you’ve got your eye on Traverse City and you’re someone who loves to shop, dine and explore in style, this is a destination that promises to deliver! Begin your journey downtown at infamous Front Street in Traverse City and enjoy capturing the essence of a getaway that includes the best of culture, art, and entertainment from the moment you arrive.

A Downtown Hot Spot for Restaurants on Front Steet in Traverse City & More

Downtown’s Front Street in Traverse City may come with plenty of small-town charm as far as aesthetics are concerned, but when it comes to options, Front Street brings big city style to visitors. Highly regarded as the main hub of downtown fun, Front Street offers up a combination of colorful storefronts, restaurants on Front Street in Traverse City, theaters, galleries, and cafes that include a balance of modern architectural additions and those stops that are built into renovated historical buildings. Trendy boutique stores have a wonderful way of being placed side by side with locally-owned shops that have called Front Street home since the 60s. The wide variety of shopping on Front Street speaks to the variety of interests that travelers bring with them to the city. Book stores abound on this bustling street, but so do places where you can pick up fishing lures, toys, footwear, and apparel. Feeling more in the mood for a drink instead after you’ve covered the length of Front Street on foot? Head over to the Grand Traverse Distillery and indulge in the very best of Michigan-based flavors and labels.

Events of Interest

If you find yourself on Front Street during the summer months, Fridays tend to see this length of downtown shut down in celebration. Visitors and locals come together to enjoy stores and restaurants staying open late and music and food are often a part of the event. If you’re here on a Wednesday or Saturday, be prepared to be a part of the crowd that gathers to enjoy the farmers’ market.

Book a Stay in Traverse City

There’s never been a better time to head this way. Contact True North Properties today to book your rental before your arrival so you can focus on the fun while you’re here. We can’t wait to welcome you to Michigan! Learn more about us today. Be sure to also browse through our short term rentals today.