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Reasons to Visit Traverse City this Winter Season!

As the snow falls and the once warm air gains a sharp, biting chill, and the first flakes of snowdrift from the skies, destined to turn the once green Earth into a white alien landscape for the cold months of winter, one might find themselves beginning to question where to escape to enjoy the snow. Well, while there are many places around that offer a range of snowy winter fun, you will find that Traverse City in the winter is the perfect destination for those looking for a new place to enjoy the frosty months of the holiday season.

Enjoy the Slopes

Just because you find yourself on the shores of the water here at Traverse City doesn’t mean that we don’t have our host of slopes and places for the snow fun that we all love. For instance, you might enjoy heading on over to Crystal Mountain, which is just 45 minutes southwest and hosts a staggering 58 downhill trails and three terrain parks that have you blazing across over 102 skiable acres. One could also head over to Mt. Holiday Ski & Recreation Area just east of the city limits and enjoy skiing and snowboarding along 16 runs ranging from beginner to advanced level courses. If skiing isn’t your thing, one can even enjoy a series of snow tubing runs for a taste of nostalgia and the hobbies of youth. There is, of course, also Hickory Hills lying on the westside of Slabtown and is a city-operated ski area hosting eight downhill runs, five rope tows, and 240 vertical drops! If one is looking for an adventure, then head on over to the Sleeping Bears Dunes National Park, where one can enjoy the Dune Climb; in and of itself is a challenging hike, this allows one to see Glen Lake and Lake Michigan before sledding down its sides as you race back to the bottom. Afterward, enjoy some of the various cross-country skiing trails around the national park. Of course, cross-country skiing is quite the pastime in the area, and one can also enjoy the Bestie River Pathway, the Leelanau Trail, and many others! The area is even known to hold annual competitions such as the North American Vasa Festival of Races, where you can watch the “best of the best” compete against each other.

Enjoy Some Exploring and an Adventure

Of course, don’t spend all your time on the slopes! You’ll find that there is much to see and explore around the area. For instance, one might find it enjoyable to visit some of the various historic lighthouses that dot the shores, including the mission point, grand traverse, and point Betsie lighthouses! One could also further explore the countryside and various paths via fat biking which allows one to explore the various biking trails even in the cold months of winter. As well, one might like to explore over 200 miles of trails while flying upon the back of a snowmobile as your soar upon the hard white earth. One could also head over for a history tour of the village, which will have you exploring for 2 hours as you get a history tour of the various buildings that at one point used to be an asylum. As well, get to explore the rather eerie underground steam tunnels and get to tour inside. As well, once you explore a bit, have some fun adventure by heading over to Mt. Holiday for some winter ziplining! You’ll find the “Green Zipper”, which is a two-station zipline with the first leg being 288 feet and the second 306! You’ll also find their new 10-station zip line course, which offers 4,000 feet of cable for you to zoom across the land with!

As well, one could take some time to get some urban exploring done and choose one of several tours offering to show you the very best wine, beer, and spirits that the city has to offer. One could also head on over to the downtown district where one can find a variety of shopping should you decide to get out of the cold for a bit and spend some time looking for that special something. Of course, make sure you stop by one of the various theatres that call the area home and often can be seen putting on a variety of performances throughout the season. You’ll find the City Opera House, the Interlochen Center for the Arts, and the Old Town Playhouse, all of which are worth a visit, and a ticket makes for a wonderful evening activity.

So, if you find yourself already sitting up straighter, eyes wide with excitement as you imagine yourself exploring the wintery world of Traverse City. Well, why not satisfy those feelings by turning the dream into reality and give us a call at (231) 237-8899 today!