Valentine’s Day is a special holiday that lets you treat your loved one to an experience like no other. Do something even more special for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday by reserving a vacation getaway here in Traverse City. You will find plenty of romantic activities for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Take a look at how to book your Traverse City Valentine’s Day romantic getaway today:

Romantic Dining for Two

When you visit Traverse City, you will find a variety of incredible restaurants that will serve the best Valentine’s Day dinner for two. Come experience a romantic evening at restaurants such as amical. This fine dining establishment serves up European cuisine in a bistro style setting. The bright colors provide the perfect backdrop to your meal that focuses on seasonal and themed entrees. Reservations are always needed for a holiday such as Valentine’s Day. The Cook’s House is a petite and chef owned restaurant in the area that uses sustainable fare. You can enjoy one of their delicious meals or attend a cooking class with the head chef and owner. Don’t let the understated space make you assume this restaurant offers anything less than the best.

Spa Experience for Two

Come relax during your romantic getaway in Traverse City by having a spa experience with your loved one. Local spas such as Serenity Spa offer a variety of services that are sure to help you feel your best. A couples massage is the perfect Valentine’s Day activity. Serenity Spa has been around for years and continues to be a local favorite for spa sanctuaries.

Visit a Winery

Traverse City has various wineries and vineyards in the surrounding area that make for the perfect Valentine’s Day outing. Head over to Rover Estate Vineyard & Winery to see where their incredible grapes are grown. Each wine is produced locally, and you can try out a tasting flight to see how everything comes together. Enjoy the flight before purchasing a bottle to take back with you to your vacation rental.

Traverse City Is Waiting

As you can see, there are quite a few ways to enjoy your Traverse City Valentine’s Day retreat with us. Treat your loved one to an incredible experience by reserving one of our vacation rentals here in the area. Get ready for Valentine’s Day by finding the perfect rental for you and your loved one.