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Traverse City Events

Traverse City, Michigan is a scenic and inspiring destination that’s known for its dynamic terrain. Adventurers from near and far come to make the most of sand dunes and lighthouses situated upon over 180 miles of intriguing shoreline each and every year. In addition to its inviting landscape, Traverse City is a destination where celebrating annual events is a well-loved tradition. Year-round visitors this way will find an events calendar brimming over with opportunities that bring residents and out of towners together in the name of fun. From the Fourth of July fireworks to the iconic Cherry Blossom festival, events in Traverse City celebrate everything from national moments of importance to the natural beauty that marks the changing seasons. Home to the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival as well as a film festival that draws in talent from across the globe, the Traverse City events calendar is one that never fails to impress.

Traverse City 4th of July

04-07-2020 @ 10:00 am

Traverse City is a dynamic Michigan vacation destination that comes with a reputation for being a year-round playground for children and adults alike! The scenery, atmosphere and overall options for fun make Traverse City a place that travelers are drawn to from across the map. While some come to make the most of vineyards, museums, and shopping stops, others come in the name of outdoor adventure. No matter what your travel interests may be, the Traverse City 4th of July may be the very experience you're looking for. Those who enjoy high-energy fun and celebration won’t want to miss a chance to participate in the many Independence Day festivities that are hosted in Traverse City each year. 4th of July Fun in the Sky Independence Day in Traverse City perfectly coincides with the National Cherry Festival, meaning visitors during this time period are treated to more than just fireworks in the sky. Throughout the week, you only have to look up between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm for a glimpse of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels taking flight in breathtaking formation in the skies above. The impressive performance happens over West Grand Traverse Bay and if you happen to tune into WCM AM 580, you can enjoy an air show commentary that highlights the many maneuvers above. This is one of the best Traverse City things to do in the Summer! Add a Side of Flavor When you’re looking for a savory way to enjoy your Traverse City 4th of July, purchase a ticket to the Blues, Brew and BBQ event hosted at the Hagerty Center. This fun-filled stop runs from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm on the 4th and provides a space for visitors to mix and mingle while enjoying microbrews and BBQ in true Michigan style. This location also provides for prime viewing of the Blue Angels air show, making it a great option when you’re looking to combine the best of fun and flavor. Fantastic Fireworks Make the most of the city’s fireworks displays by heading over to the Boom Boom Club around 8:30 pm located at the Cherry Festival Beer Tent. Seating is selected according to donation level but whatever amount you give, you’re sure to get much more in return! The fireworks happen over West Bay and are sure to be a thrilling and colorful sight. The party doesn’t end until 11:00 pm so bring your energy and get ready to have some 4th of July fun! Book Your Stay Today & Enjoy these Traverse City Things to Do in the Summer Savor every moment of your 4th of July away by booking amazing villas with the help of the team at True North Properties while you’re visiting Traverse City. Contact us today for more information and to start planning your adventure. ...Read

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Traverse City Fourth of July at the Torch Lake Sandbar

04-07-2020 @ 12:00 pm

Traverse City is a captivating vacation destination that promises travelers from near and far a myriad of options for fun and entertainment no matter what time of year you roll into town. For some, the draw of this area of Michigan lies in the many trails and outdoor adventures waiting to be had. For others, it’s the collection of restaurants, shops, galleries and museums that make Traverse City so appealing. While Traverse City is known for its infamous Cherry Festival, the surrounding terrain is popular amongst travelers that make their way here in the name of on-the-water fun. When you’re looking for a Traverse City fourth of July stop that promises to bring the energy, head over to the Torch Lake Sandbar for an experience in high-volume fun on the wind and waves that’s sure to please. A Beautiful Destination for 4th of July Fun The Torch Lake Sandbar is a pristine stretch of sand formed over time by receding glaciers that left impressive sand ridges in their wake. Today, Torch Lake Sandbar remains one of the most beautiful areas in all of Michigan, drawing visitors to its shores in the name of boating, sunbathing and swimming fun. Over the 4th of July, this area transforms into a massive party that’s definitely one for the record books. Hundreds of boats find their way to the waters along the Torch Lake Sandbar for a one of a kind party complete with music, dancing and beyond. The festivities tend to go on into the small hours of the morning making this a popular Traverse City fourth of July party for those with a passion for keeping the party going long after the sun has gone down. This is one of the best things to do in Traverse City in the Summer! Options for Fun Other Times of the Year & Great Things to Do in Traverse City in the Summer The Torch Lake Sandbar sits within Clearwater Township and is home to a number of year-round residents. Those looking to avoid the crowds and enjoy the beauty of this area with a more familial feeling will want to head here outside of the July 4th time frame for some fantastic and more tranquil moments spent on the sand and under the sun. Torch Lake Sandbar is a popular place to picnic as well as rent a kayak or boat for the day and enjoy time soaking up the sights while working on a tan too. Make the Most of Traverse City Traverse City has it all, so let the team at True North Properties handle your accommodations so you can focus on the fun while you’re here. Contact us today for more information on our many options in and around the area. Learn more about our guest services! ...Read

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Great Lakes Equestrian Festival

01-07-2020 @ 12:00 pm

There’s something undeniably special about a trip to Traverse City, Michigan. Between the cherry blossoms, exciting terrain perfect for hiking and biking, many museums, restaurants and beyond, there’s never a dull moment to be had when you head this direction. While this year-round destination promises to have a little something for everyone, equestrian enthusiasts will know Traverse City well for the mere fact it hosts one of the world’s most impressive events each and every year known as the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival. A Tradition of Equestrian Excellence In 2020, the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival will be held July 1st through August 9th. Athletes, exhibitors, fans and spectators will make their way to Traverse City by the thousands to enjoy a display of some of the world’s most talented equestrians as well as head to head competitions that are sure to be thrilling. The events are hosted at Flintfields Horse Park and while athletes are geared up for this highly anticipated annual event, spectators will find it just as captivating. Options to observe world-class show jumping are available to fans of the sport every Sunday between July 5th and August 9th. A pop-up farmers market at Flintfields Horse Park gives this viewing opportunity a unique edge and those visiting with little ones will love the fact that there are a number of craft stands and kids activities available throughout the day. There’s no need to worry about curbing a craving amidst all the excitement as spectators will find a wide variety of food and beverage options on-site as well. More to Enjoy of the Traverse City Michigan Things to Do The Great Lakes Equestrian Festival is presented by CaptiveOne Advisors and is regularly the highlight of every summer season in Traverse City. 88 acres of land provides the perfect backdrop for hosting five competition rings in addition to a collection of schooling rings. A variety of prizes are waiting to be handed out to those competitors who bring a dynamic edge and precision into each and every competition. The Great Lakes Equestrian Festival draws competitors from near and far, making it a great place to observe some of the most talented athletes around. This is definitely one the best Traverse City Michigan things to do! Book Your Stay Today When you’re in town to enjoy the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival, be sure you’re partnered with the professionals at True North Properties to make sure you have accommodations booked that keep you close to the fun. Contact us today for more information on our many options in the area and to start planning your next visit. ...Read

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Cherry Festival in Traverse City Michigan

04-07-2020 @ 12:00 pm

Traverse City, Michigan as long been loved as a year-round vacation destination for those that can’t wait to get out and explore the great outdoors. Whether the snow is falling or the sun is high, this Michigan city has a way with scenery and opportunities for fun that are sure to please. Traverse City is also a destination that knows how to celebrate its many flavorful features and if you find yourself here in July, you won’t want to miss the chance to participate in the annual Cherry Festival in Traverse City Michigan. A Tradition of Flavor In 2020, the Cherry Festival in Traverse City Michigan will be held July 4th through the 11th with festivities centered around 521 S. Union Street. Cherry Fest is a celebration of the many cherry trees and blossoms that call Traverse City home, but the festivities are as vast and varied as the landscape itself. Guests to the Cherry Fest will enjoy being entertained by three separate and equally fascinating parades during the course of the festival. These include the Consumers Energy Heritage Parade, the Junior Royale Parade and the DTE Energy Foundation Cherry Royale Parade. The Cherry Festival works to highlight the best of Michigan each and every year it arrives in Traverse City. Guests are introduced to local producers through the delicious food items available while a variety of vendors use the festival as a time to highlight their specific economic contributions as well. A Continued Festival History & More Traverse City Stuff to Do The Cherry Festival is an icon of Traverse City, Michigan and the very first celebration dates back to 1926. Today, the tradition continues on with the help of over 35,000 volunteers and a variety of sponsors that make this event exciting and fun for all! Over 500,000 visitors attend Cherry Fest each year from near and far to enjoy the many sights, sounds and flavors this festival brings to town. While you’re enjoying the festival, take time to browse the baked goods or participate in the cooking contests, hand-pick your very own bag of cherries or watch the festival Queen be crowned! Events are located throughout Traverse City during the festival, making it an interactive event and one that treats you to a multitude of Traverse City destinations worth enjoying while you’re in town. Attending the Chery Fest is one of the most interesting Traverse City stuff to do! Book Your Stay Today Whether you’re in town for Cherry Fest or making your way to Traverse City any other time of year, be sure your golf course rentals are being handled by the property professionals at True North. Contact us today for more information on our many options throughout the city. ...Read

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Traverse City Film Festival

28-07-2020 @ 12:00 pm

Taking time to enjoy the sights, sounds, and flavors of fantastic Traverse City Michigan isn’t hard to do. Between the scenic views, waterfront vistas, hiking, and biking trails as well as the vast collection of restaurants, museums and shopping stops, Traverse City proves time and again to be a year-round destination filled with options for fun. When your travel plans bring you this way in during the summer months, you’ll quickly realize that Traverse City is also a destination that features the arts and culture in a big way! The Traverse City Film Festival is a must-enjoy event for those that make their way this direction between July and August and promises to be as inviting as it is inspiring. A Touch of Hollywood in the Heart of Traverse City In 2020, the Traverse City Film Festival will once again be hosted on July 28th through August 2nd with the vast majority of showings and events happening in the greater downtown Traverse City area. The Traverse City Film Festival is an amazing time for filmmakers, movie lovers and everyone in between to come and enjoy the power of cinema at its finest and most creative. If it’s your first time enjoying the Traverse City Film Festival, you’ll want to swing by the main box office and pick up a newbie gift bag which will include festival information, a button, maps and more. An experience at the Traverse City Film Festival is designed to be both entertaining and enlightening for participants of all ages. This is one of the most fun things to do in Traverse City! Where It All Began The Traverse City Film Festival functions as a non-profit organization that was founded in 2005 by Michigan native and filmmaker Michael Moore. The festival has successfully played an integral role throughout the years in restoring and refurbishing some of the area’s most historic cinematic sites while also encouraging future filmmakers to take part in the fun. Beyond the many screenings and opening night festivities, the festival incorporates film school classes and kids’ fest movies to make the most of those inspiring moments that can potentially turn into lifelong careers. As an added benefit to guests, the festival also hosts free movie screenings outdoors throughout the festival as well as panel discussions with artists and actors that are open to everyone. Make the Most of Your Traverse City Stay & Explore Fun Things to Do in Traverse City When you’re in town for the Traverse City Film Festival or are making your way in the name of a fun vacation, the team at True North Properties is here to help handle your villa accommodations. Contact us today for more information on our portfolio of options in the city. ...Read

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