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Bowers Harbor Vineyards

Sometimes, the only solution to a buildup of stress in life is to make the commitment to enjoy a well-earned getaway. Travel has a way of renewing a sense of perspective in life, and those that head to Traverse City, Michigan in the name of restorative moments will find options for fun and a landscape that’s sure to inspire. Complete with over 180 miles of shoreline, Traverse City is a destination where it’s just as easy to spend time on the water as it is to make the most of an afternoon dining and shopping your way through a stay. Traverse City is also home to a wide variety of local vineyards—a thrill for those with a passion for palate-pleasing moments. When you’re looking to unwind by savoring some local flavors, be sure to make your way to Bowers Harbor Vineyards while you’re in town.

A Well-Loved Local and Flavorful Stop

Longevity counts for a lot when it comes to vineyards, and Bowers Harbor Winery has been an icon of the Traverse City wine scene since first opening in 1991. Since that time, the vineyard has only grown in popularity amongst residents and locals alike looking to enjoy savory wine options in a great setting surrounded by a fantastic company. Bowers Harbor Vineyards is located at 896 Bowers harbor Road and is open to the public Sunday through Wednesday between 10:30 am and 5:00 pm. Hours are extended Thursdays through Saturdays with a closing time of 6:00 pm. While the flavors at Bowers Harbor Vineyards are always impressive, so is the setting. The winery is located on Old Mission Peninsula offering up views of towering trees, rolling green hills, and sights of West Grand Traverse Bay during an outdoor tasting session. Those who have stopped by to learn more about the wine production process will find Bowers harbor Vineyards to be an extremely educational experience. Upon request, guests can enjoy facility and vineyard tours with guides willing to answer any and all questions along the way.

Make the Most of a Wine-Focused Moment at Bowers Harbor Winery

Beyond traditional wine tastings offered up at Bowers Harbor Vineyards, visitors who are enthusiastic about trying new flavors over the long-term can always request to be a part of the wine club that includes membership perks, discounts, and more. If you do happen to be here for a wine tasting event, rest assured that with every visit, this locale is sure to have something new to offer up. The ever-changing menu makes Bowers Harbor Vineyards an innovative tasting experience that’s always as exciting as it is flavorful.

Unwind in Traverse City

No matter what time of year you arrive in Traverse City, the team at True North Properties has a home away from home waiting to welcome you. Contact the team at True North Properties today to learn more about our many rental options in the area and to begin planning your next trip.