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Activities for a Nature and Wildlife Journey

It’s no secret that life can get hectic and sometimes the best route to rejuvenating the mind and refreshing the body is to plan a getaway that gets you close to nature. Lovely landscapes and encounters with unique wildlife have a way of inspiring us to look at life through a new lens. Those that are planning a trip to Traverse City, Michigan will find ample opportunities to do exactly this when they make their way in the name of a sightseeing, nature, and wildlife adventure. Read about outdoor activities in Traverse City below!

Hike Alligator Hill Trail

For travelers looking to combine sightseeing and time immersed in nature, there’s no place better to start than Alligator Hill Trail within scenic Sleeping Bear Dune Park. Located off of Stocking Road, this trail is actually three loops in one, each of which offers up nearly 3 miles of pathway to discover. As hikers make their way along the winding routes, they can admire beech-maple forests that surround as well as beautiful views of Lake Michigan from elevated positions. Those who choose to take Glen Trail, which sprouts off of Alligator Hill Trail will find themselves at Glen Lake which is a good place to grab the binoculars and take time for bird spotting.

Even More Bird Spotting Fun in Traverse City

There’s something intriguing about taking time to quietly sit back and wait for opportunities in nature to observe birds living life to the fullest within their natural habitats. Traverse City, and the state of Michigan in general, have long been turned to by birding enthusiasts thanks to the wide variety of species that call this region home.

Beyond the Alligator Hill Trail, those that head to Traverse City with their binoculars in hand will have plenty of options to choose from when it’s time to unwind with winged friends. The Sleeping Bear Birding Trail was established by a team of Northwest Michigan birding enthusiasts and is perhaps the ultimate birding location in Traverse City connecting Manistee County to Traverse City by over 123 miles of birding route. This birding route follows Highway M-22, one end of which stretches into the Leelanau Peninsula providing for a particularly scenic stop for bird watchers. While the majority of this trail runs through Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, birders will also enjoy options to watch the ground and skies within the southern Arcadia Marsh and Grasslands. From piping plovers to bobolinks, Traverse City hosts some truly inspiring species of birds to be observed during your nature and wildlife-focused journey this direction.

Enjoy Time at Grace Macdonald Park

Sometimes it’s the peace of green spaces that helps visitors settle into the natural beauty of Traverse City and that’s just what you can find at Grace Macdonald Park. Located off of E. Arbutus Lake Road, this locale hosts tennis courts and basketball courts but pairs the outdoor recreation options with forested surroundings that also provide access to a variety of nearby hiking trails. While many visitors use this as a jumping-off point for exploring nature, the rolling landscape is a good place for mushroom picking as well as birding.

Those Traverse City Travelers who enjoy park hopping as part of their nature-focused lineup will equally love time spent at Clinch Park. Located at 111 E. Grandview Parkway, Clinch Park hosts beautiful West Grand Traverse Bay beaches to enjoy and explore as well as picnic tables for those moments when an open-air meal with a view would really hit the spot. Bike racks are readily available at Clinch Park for those that make their way this direction on two wheels while the park sits conveniently close to the marina when your plan includes time out on the water. Enjoy the water features and splash pad at Clinch Park as well which prove particularly useful for those travelers that set their sights on this destination in the middle of summer!

Traverse City Sightseeing on Lake Michigan

There are times when the best form of Traverse City sightseeing happens from a vantage point on the waves. Visitors looking to experience the beauty of Lake Michigan at their own pace can rent a pontoon boat with TC Watersports and spend the day sailing along the shoreline. Whether you’re up for fishing or simply enjoying Traverse City sightseeing, it’s a moment in nature that’s bound to please for any event and create a romantic atmosphere. While angling adventures in Traverse City are fun, for some visitors, guided experiences are more meaningful than solo outings. When this is the case, Traverse City is home to a variety of charter services that can provide you with the equipment you need to enjoy time on the water and the local knowledge you’ll require to make the most of a successful day of reeling in amazing catches!

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