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Top 5 Spots for a Beach Vacation in Traverse City

If you love long walks on the beach, or just beach vacations in general, then your trip to Traverse City has everything you’ll ever need. Whether you’d want a quick drive to a local restaurant from the area, to grill on the beach, swim in shallow waters, or kayak, there’s something for everybody. Enjoy the sandy front parks and swim with the kids, or you can always enjoy a nice relaxing trip on your own and get that nice break you need away from work! Make the most of your beach vacations at one of these best spots in Traverse City.

Best Spots in Traverse City: North Bar Lake

North Bar Lake is about 40 minutes out of Traverse City, but it’s definitely worth the trip! In the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, you’re sure to find beautiful views of the dunes. Walk across the two dunes that separate both lakes and you’ll be in Lake Michigan! This lake area is the perfect spot for windy days. It’s sheltered by some tall dunes that protects from the wind! The area is warmer than Lake Michigan, so if you don’t like cold waters, this is a great way to make up for it. Their water is also shallow so you and the kids can play around in the water! There is a park permit required to park.

West End Beach

West End Beach is a large, bay front park that is absolutely perfect for your family beach trip. Amenities include ample parking and public restrooms for you to use! Once you’re hungry, if you didn’t pack your own lunch, then enjoy the variety of restaurants that Traverse City has to offer near you. If you’re a seafood lover, (We know we definitely are!) you can’t miss out on either Harringtons By The Bay or Apache Trout Grill! Both restaurants offer the best seafood options that we’re sure you’ll enjoy! If you’re on the beach earlier on in the day, and you’d rather have a breakfast, lunch, or dare we say a brunch, then The Towne Plaza is a perfect place to grab a bite to eat!

Clinch Park Beach

There’s plenty of space for you to enjoy here at Clinch Park Beach! This beach is along the beautiful area of downtown, so make sure you wander around. Feel free to bike around the area, as there are bike racks located here. Picnic tables are available for you to eat your own lunch, as well as a TART trail access and snack bars. Again, if you didn’t bring your own lunch, feel free to grab a bite to eat from around the area! Rad.ish Street Food has delicious vegan options for you to choose from, and Park Street Café is just a 6-minute walk away! This is definitely one of the best beaches near Traverse City.

Bryant Park

Enjoy the beautiful view of west ground Traverse Bay here at Bryant Park. They have charcoal grills available for you to grill out on a sunny, summer afternoon, and a playground for the kids to enjoy while you’re cooking. The amenities at Bryant Park are grills, a playground, picnic area, and public restrooms! If you’re looking for a bite to eat, then we recommend Traverse Bay Café (for breakfast lovers) or Oakwood Proper Burgers! Make the most out of your stay here in Traverse City with beautiful lake views and a place to spend time cooking with the family.

Haserot Beach

If you’re looking for an area that’s a bit more peaceful and quieter, then Haserot Beach is the place for you. It’s a little bit of a drive from downtown Traverse City, but that just means that it’s not the busiest beach there is in town! Located on Mission Harbor, you’re sure to have the most relaxing beach trip you can have. Amenities include a picnic area, for a filling lunch, a boat launch, and public restrooms for you to use! Since Haserot is a bit away from Traverse City and not downtown, we recommend Old Mission Tavern for a bite to eat. This beach is the perfect getaway to relax by the water and go for a swim!

Traverse City Beaches

Traverse City has plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding the best beach vacation spot. Consider the beach’s surroundings, amenities, and then discover the best beach spot for you and your family to enjoy. There are plenty of adventures to go on while you’re on some of the best beaches near Traverse City. Try new food and restaurants, as well as cook for yourself on the beach! To make the most of a best beach vacation, contact The True North Property to book your stay. We hope your beach vacation is both adventurous and relaxing! Contact us today, and be sure to browse through our amazing beach condos!