Visiting Traverse City in style can easily be done when you pick the right vacation rental for your stay. That is where Whimsical & Magnificent Multi-Level Villa Mosaic comes in. Don’t let the long name fool you, as this elegant property is professionally designed and features plenty of space. 

Modern Loft Living 

Whimsical & Magnificent Multi-Level Villa Mosaic is a gigantic property that offers an elegant and luxury stay like no other. Guests will arrive at the beautiful home and be greeted by a primary floor that blends indoors and outdoors for a unique setting. Modern décor and loft style windows are featured throughout the entryway, living area, and kitchen. Gorgeous oak beams stretch out across the ceilings. The sunken living area gives you an alcove to relax and enjoy each other’s company. The kitchen offers marble countertops, golden oak cabinetry, and brass light fixtures. Modern appliances and seating for 12 guests, make it an inviting area of the home.  

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Bedrooms and Bathrooms 

The individual quarters for your guests are a true marvel to see in person. Six separate bedrooms can be accessed across the property, each with their own private bathroom access. The master suite is found on the second floor nearby the children’s bedroom. The master bathroom is as big as most resort rooms, with dual sinks, beautiful walk-in shower with mosaic tiling, and a full spa just around the corner. An additional media room is also found on the second floor that provides all kinds of fun for the group. On the primary floor you will find three en suite bedrooms that feature their own unique décor and warming interior. The last room is located inside a separate poolside pavilion that lets the lucky guest have direct access to the outdoor garden. 

Outdoor Garden and Pool 

Complete your luxury and modern experience at Whimsical & Magnificent Multi-Level Villa Mosaic when you relax in the central garden and pool area. Each suite has loft windows and patio doors that open to the central garden. You will completely forget you are in Michigan with the southwestern flora and décor. The crystal blue pool offers plenty of space to swim laps and has an adjacent hot tub and turf area. Now that is the best way to enjoy the outdoors during your stay in Traverse City! 

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Whimsical & Magnificent Multi-Level Villa Mosaic is one of our most popular properties here in Traverse City. Book today to enjoy this marvelous property for yourself!