Natural attractions may not be the initial thought when visiting the lively Traverse City, but you can expect plenty of things to see. Take a look at some of our favorite natural Traverse City attractions:

Grand Traverse Bay

When it comes to the first sight you see when visiting Traverse City, it will always be Grand Traverse Bay. The city is situated right on the shore, giving you daily views of the bay. Many locals and visitors alike claim Grand Traverse Bay is a peaceful and immersive body of water. Grand Traverse Bay itself is a smaller leg of Lake Michigan, one of the world’s biggest lakes. It is reported that the shades of the water change with the light, giving off a beautiful array of colors. Jump into the water and splash around or warm up by laying on the shore. Either way, a visit to Grand Traverse Bay is highly recommended during your stay.

Traverse City Attractions at Interlochen State Park

On the other side of Traverse City is Interlochen State Park, one of the best of Michigan’s state parks. You can access this park approximately 15 miles outside of the city. Many locals and visitors make the short trek to enjoy fishing at Green Lake and Duck Lake. Fish that can be reeled up in the lakes include bass, blue gill, and pike during the summer, and pike and smelt during the winter. If fishing is not quite your activity of choice, you can also enjoy kayaking and canoeing. The park was initially established to allow future generations of pinus strobus, a local pine tree variety, room to settle in the area. While some local wildlife will show themselves, it is often uncommon as the park is frequently visited. Children can enjoy summer programs that will help them learn more about this fascinating area. A visit to Interlochen State Park is always highly recommended. Call ahead to check how many people are currently at the park or reserve a kayak rental by calling 231-276-9511.

Enjoy Your Stay in Traverse City

As you can see, there are plenty of natural attractions found around Traverse City. Our vacation rentals will keep you comfortable throughout your stay as well as keeping you close to these attractions. Call today and see which vacation rental we currently have available for your stay in and around Traverse City.